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Our AI turns your survey, chat and complaint data into real insights. In minutes.

Find insights in your data
Why did our NPS drop this month? Our detractors churn 4x as much as our promoters -- what's the difference? Where should we focus to most improve our customer experience?

Turn feedback into

Customer champions use Thematic to make companies more customer centric.*

Our AI finds themes in feedback data, highlights their impact on key metrics, and visualizes insights in beautiful dashboards and reports.

We eliminate painful, manual analysis and give you the insights, tools and time to focus everyone on what matters most: the customer.

* This generally involves increasing NPS, CSAT, and loyalty, while proving the ROI of customer experience, and getting executive buy-in.

“This is the tool of the future. It reduces my analytics time tenfold.”
Matt Schoolfield
Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC, Greyhound

Why Thematic?

Faster feedback analysis

Struggling to analyze large volumes of customer feedback? Thematic reduces feedback analysis time from weeks to minutes.

Insights that matter

Replace vague wordclouds and anecdotes with actionable insights for improving NPS, CSAT and loyalty. .

Buy-in and influence

Share visualizations, alerts and custom dashboards to prove ROI and keep executives and frontline teams focused on the customer.

How Thematic works

Step 1 of 3. Importing feedback

We import feedback and other customer data from any source so that you can easily access it all in one place.

Step 2 of 3. Themes discovery

We discover themes and subthemes using AI and mark up each piece of feedback with these themes.

Step 3 of 3. Analysis and Reporting

We provide visualizations to easily find insights and create reports, push notifications and custom PowerPoints.

Why customer champions love Thematic

The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.

Dr Maurice FitzGerald
VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard

Thematic enables us to deliver more powerful insights than ever and make more data-driven decisions

Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
Director of Consumer Insights at

This is the tool of the future. It reduces my analytics time tenfold.

Matthew Schoolfield
Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC, Greyhound

I haven’t seen other solutions providing these links and associations in the data.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen
CEO of Androit Research

I was blown away. We could easily drill down into themes and look at how they impact NPS score. They saved months of custom analysis.

Robbie Allan
Director of Product at SurveyMonkey

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