Why our customers love Thematic

With Thematic, things that used to take us two to three weeks to do, we can now do in ten minutes

Matt Schoolfield, Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC, Greyhound

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Saved 80% of analytics time with Thematic

Greyhound went from time-consuming, manual customer feedback analysis that could take as long as 3 days — to fast text analytics, surfacing issues almost immediately.

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Increase in tNPS and driving positive change with Thematic

Vodafone New Zealand’s tNPS increased by double digits in just 6 months, tracking on par with their global counterparts, thanks to deep, focused insights delivered by Thematic.

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Knowing customer pain points and simplifying insights

With Thematic, Art.com could identify the exact customer pain points and know where they’re receiving kudos from customers.

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Thematic calculates the impact of increasing prices on Sky’s NPS

With Thematic, Sky was able to better understand their customers overall and know exactly why their NPS fell over a period of time, to be able to rectify the situation fast.

Read the SKY TV case study
A quick overview of trending themes and NPS

With Thematic, Serato gets a quick overview of emerging customer feedback themes and can identify trends related to changes in their NPS score.

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Identified product issues and what really matters to customers

Melodics’ aim was to understand what users actually wanted, in order to develop a solid product road map. With Thematic, they were able to identify specific product issues and reach out to detractors.

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Faster insights, at a third of the cost

Infotools integrated Thematic into their service offering for some of their major clients. One of them can now get insights faster and at a third of the cost, plus run more new surveys.

Read the Infotools case study
Student satisfaction at a Swiss business school

Swiss Business School used Thematic to get actionable insights about their student’s needs, understand key drivers of student sign ups and how to increase student satisfaction.

Read the SBS case study

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